Photomizer Retro




Turn your photographs into true retro creations



Photomizer Retro is a powerful and very complete image editor that turns your photographs into perfect antique pictures thanks to its numerous functions and special filters that simulate old cameras and black and white films.

This editor comes equipped with retro filters that reproduce several of the peculiarities found on antique cameras, all through a very intuitive interface with which you can work without any problems. Along with the filters, Photomizer Retro also adds the Lo-Fi alternative to guarantee amazing and effective results.

Apart from its many effects, Photomizer Retro can also add noise and grain to the photographs to make them look more worn down, or the opposite if you want.

Photomizer Retro can also batch process your images, so you can convert your entire photo collections as this editor supports JPG and BMP formats. Plus, it doesn’t destroy your original images during the editing process, as it keeps a copy of the original, unchanged image.